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12th Fast Attack Cavalry (FAC) Group,
Group HQ:
2 GEV-CP, 6 LGEV, 3 GEV, 3 GEV-PC, 12 INF
3 FAC Sqns- 28th (French), 395th Cossack (Russian), 501st (German), each:
HQ Troop - 2 LGEV, 1 GEV, 1 GEV-PC, 3 INF
3 Fast Attack Cav Troops:
     2 GEV, 3 LGEV
1 Assault Cavalry Troop
     3 GEV-PC, 9 INF squads
1 Hover Tank Coy
     5 GEV
Recon Pl
                   4 LGEV

Sqn Total: 12 GEV, 15 LGEV, 4 GEV-PC, 12 INF
Group Total: 39 GEV, 51 LGEV, 15 GEV-PC, 48 INF, 2 GEV-CP

These fast and mobile units operated independently and were tasked with a variety of missions ranging from strike, raid, probing and counterattack roles.  Operating on the flanks of the main forces or in the No-Man's-Land of the SCZ, they typified the lighting nature of GEV warfare in the North African desert.

The FAC units were usually kept up to strength (usually at the expense of other units and their operations) and used to keep the enemy off balance while heavier units were re-deployed.   While the 12th FAC Group was maintained at 3 Squadron strength, its constituent squadrons were rotated in and pout of theatre on an opportunity basis to share experience.