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Ogre Variety

Here are some variant rules that I have been playing with over the last few years to introduce a little variety to my OGREs...After all, they are all unique and display their own individuality.

I've played with these a few times and they can cause some quite nasty surprises (to both sides)! They can be a little unbalancing…but then so is war (I imagine). These have been previously posted to the OGRE Mailing list, but I'd appreciate any comments or feedback anyone may have.

1. OGRE Susceptibility

As damage is sustained again and again on the battlefield, the results can become critical, causing massive internal damage as breached armour is again targeted. If an attack against an OGRE component receives a XX, the possibility exists of a Critical Hit occurring. Roll d6, a critical occurs on a 6 (1-5: no additional effect- excess damage is absorbed by armour). Roll again on the Critical Hit Table below (Note that all damage sustained from this chart is Additional to the damage which caused the XX result).

Die Roll
Massive damage is taken in a non vital area. No effect
1 AP Battery is knocked out of alignment and is destroyed
One randomly determined Secondary Gun has its armour value reduced by one as sheets of armour fall from the unit. If no Secondary Batteries remain, or the hit is taken on a destroyed mount, ignore this result as the already destroyed mount is hit again
The OGRE receives an extra d6-2 tread units destroyed (Min of 1)
One randomly selected Secondary weapon is destroyed by fragmentation as liquid plasma flows over its mount.
One randomly determined Main Gun has its armour value reduced by one as massive sheets of armour fall from the unit. If no Main Batteries remain, or the hit is taken on a destroyed mount ignore this result as the already destroyed mount is hit again

(Notes for Improvement: make this separate tables for each component ? Areas for other damage eg targeting computer damaged -1 on CRT ? Each OGRE to have 2 main CPUs and dies when all destroyed by internal criticals? Possibility of having the hull as a target with say D5 and its own critical hit table ?)

2. OGRE AI "Learning" and Modifications

The AI that runs the OGRE is capable of "learning" from its mistakes, those of its enemies, allies, other OGREs and by replaying historical battles in its "down" time. Additionally, technicians are liable to make improvements and modifications to the OGRE during manufacture, routine maintenance and whilst repairing battle damage. However, AIs can also have slight "hiccups" when various software upgrades are loaded or previous battle damage might not be able to be repaired (due to spares unavailability, workshop facilities or time) prior to operational tasking or deployment in the field.

To reflect the possibility that an OGRE is not simply the basic model or that the AI is experienced, a player may roll on the following table (once rolled, however, the modification MUST be taken):

Die Roll
Minefield encountered en route to battlefield: resolve a minefield attack against the OGRE
One extra AP has been added to this unit
IFF glitch. The OGRE will fire on friendly units if they are closer than enemy
A randomly (determined weapon) is offline and cannot fire
Extra Armour. The Defensive value of ONE random weapon type is increased by 1 (Thus it may be one secondary weapon, not ALL Secondaries)
No special modifications have been made to this OGRE that affect combat performance
Tread loss. The OGRE begins the game with d6 treads missing
AI software glitch-"Hatred": a past experience has left the OGRE’s AI with a fixation about a unit type. Enemy units of this type must be engaged to destruction if within range.
2d6: 2-4 SHVY, 5-6 HVY, 7-8 GEV (all types), 9 LT, 10 INF, 11-12 HOW /MHOW
Tough treads. Extra armour around the treads increases the number of treads by d6
AI software glitch-"Loves Ramming": the OGRE has a great fondness for ramming enemy units and crushing them underfoot. Must conduct overrun attacks where possible.
Upgraded fire control systems. The OGRE may add +1 on the CRT when resolving attacks from ONE weapon type (ie either Main BTYs, Sec BTYs, APs or MSLs) determined randomly

(Improvement Notes: Extra tables, random determination of good or bad AI alteration and structural mods….How about "Twin AP Mounts" with doubled attack strength but blow up on a die roll of 1 ?)

3. Secondary Missions

As a strategic weapons platform, OGREs are expected to complete many missions. It may coincide that during this battle, the OGRE has additional missions at secondary or tertiary priorities.

Completing these missions during the game yields additional VPs (as determined by the Ref or agreed between players before game commencement). Examples of Secondary missions include "Scorched Earth Policies" (destroy all Enemy towns), destroying a bridge, destroying all Super Heavy tanks, etc