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New Combine Units |        |   
New Combine Units
by Warner Airey
Attack/Range: 1/3 M3 TNK
D2 Size:1 VP: 3
Variant Light Tank used both as a scout and a cheap defensive unit. Can carry 1 INF squad.

Attack/Range: 3/3 M3 TNK
D3 Size: 3 VP: 6
The "105", is a formidable tank. Similar size and appearance as a heavy, but cannot handle tough terrain. Mobility type is only TNK so cannot perform the same tasks as the heavies. Can carry 1 INF squad.

Attack/Range: 3/2 M3 HVY
D4 Size: 3 VP: 6
A modified version of the standard HVY TNK. Can carry 1 INF squad.

Attack/Range: 4/2 M4/3 GEV
D1 Size: 2 VP: 6
Upgunned GEV Lightly armoured Tank Destroyer. Packs the same punch as a heavy tank.

Attack/Range: 3/3 M3 OGR
D4 (Special -1) Size: 5 VP: 12
The Icepick has one 3/3 main and one 1/1AP. In addition to heavy armour, carries virtually every defensive system ever made.
Because of the Icepickís arrays of point defences and extra electronics, itís very hard to hit. Subtract 1 from any die roll of any attack made against an Icepick except by infantry in overruns.
Unlike other tanks, the Icepick does not carry Infantry squads during combat as they would clutter its sensors and get shredded by its own Close-In Weapon systems.

Hammerhead HGEV
Attack/Range: 2/3 M3/2 GEV
D3 (Special -1) Size: 3 VP: 12
Combine heavy GEV. Very agile. Very expensive. Includes evolutionary developments of earlier Attack Helicopter, AEGIS and JSF Electronic-Warfare technologies. The ultimate synthesis of hardware add-on's, software upgrades and nanotechnology.
The Hammerhead has an extensive dual sensor array linked.