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Fencer Variants |        |   
By Alan Brain (

I've just done a bit of kit-bashing to some Fencers of mine. I came up with the following:

"The original Fencer-A model was soon recognized to be somewhat underarmed. With the introduction of the Combine Mk-IIIB the problem for the Pan Europeans soon became much more acute.

The eventual solution was the upgrade of the Fencer-A to one of the Fencer-B, -C or -D configurations. Production of  Fencer-As, although never completely stopped, was almost  entirely switched to the Fencer-B version by 2088.

The C and D models were usually field modifications of a Fencer-A, though some were produced in these configurations on the factory floor. They were uncommon.

The B, C and D models relocated new, more compact fire control systems from the turret to space allocated for them in the rear hull, to make way for new armament and magazine space. It had always been planned to have more weaponry in the turret, but delays with the manufacture of these fir4e control systems led to less internal volume being available.

The B model replaced the 130mm (Secondary Batteries) with 175mm (Main Batteries), and was the most common upgrade by far. The C model was an A model with an additional 175mm (Main) battery.  The D model was an A model with an additional 2 130mm (Secondary) batteries. Virtually all Sentient Ogres demanded to be converted to one or the other of the B, C or D variants, sometimes in the field using cannibalized components, often of NAC origin. Few logistics and repair officers cared to argue."

I'll take some pictures and submit them to the Ogre Recognition Manual site (click here). The C model conversion is easy - a pin vice and a spare NAC Main Battery barrel is all that's needed. The D model is more tricky - I used some old Game$ Work$hop Ork battlewagon barrels, though a more difficult conversion using a butchered Fencer turret, or NAC Spare Parts set would be possible.