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Name / Designation: MkIIIB-147
Allegiance: NA Combine
Unit / Formation: 32nd SuperHeavy Armor Battalion
Notes: Standard North African Reserve Cam Scheme- a Reserve pool for units assigned to the North African theater. "Special operations" forces were often assigned to this pool because the rapid turnover of this pool made PE tracking of units unusually difficult.

Unit 147 developed into an uncanny desert fighter, eventually gaining the rare "honor" of being specifically targetted for destruction by the PE. Nicknamed Lawrence of Arabia by admiring Combine techs. Unit 147 was usually referred to as just "Lawrence".
redit: Grant Ladue (ladue@cse.Buffalo.EDU)

Name / Designation: MkIIIB-142
Allegiance: NA Combine
Unit / Formation: 23rd SuperHeavy Armor Battalion.
Notes: Standard European Theatre Reserve Forces paint scheme-
The primary reserve force. Units in North America (working up for deployment), England, Europe, and Siberia were assigned to this pool
Credit: Grant Ladue (ladue@cse.Buffalo.EDU)

Name / Designation: DGRS "Cutty Shark" (officially 'DANGEROUS' but doesnt answer to this
Allegiance: NAC.  They Hope.  Probably
Unit / Formation: 13th Independant Cybertank Brigade (sole Member)
Notes: manufactured Seattle
Credit:: Alan Brain

This Cybertank is infamous for bombarding the enemy with really lame jokes, bad puns, and nukes, simultaneously. It's favourite method of attack is to break into enemy comms frequencies, masquerading as a friendly, and quietly ask "What's Yellow and Dangerous?" in several PanEuropean languages: "Was ist Gelb, auch Gefaerlich?" and so on. After some delay, it then announces "Shark Infested Custard, and ME!" as it opens fire. It has filed repeated requests to Combine Logistics Command for custard-pie ammunition for its railguns.

Cyberpsychologists have assured the military that despite this, "Cutty Shark" as it insists being called, is quite sane, just a little... eccentric. Odd, even. Nothing to worry about. These comforting words from Supreme HQ have had remarkably little credence amongst Combine forces, and "Cutty Shark" is nearly always sent on solo missions - as far away from friendlies as possible.

Model/Type Designation: Mk 3B
Name / Designation: GRINCH
Allegiance: NA COMBINE
Unit / Formation: 3rd OGRE Division
Notes: Photography by Marty Zwikel, Compositing by Dave Morse via the GIMP
Ogrethulu's been tearing up the west coast for days. Why is the combine command spending time repainting the only ogre this side of the rockies, when he should be in there protecting our citizenry?
Credit: David Morse -
  Command Post Gamma (see links section)

Model/Type Designation: Mk 3B
Name / Designation: UNKNOWN
Allegiance: UNKNOWN
Unit / Formation: UNKNOWN
Credit: Terry

Model/Type Designation: Mk 3B
Name / Designation: UNKNOWN
Allegiance: COMBINE
Unit / Formation:
Notes: photo published by SJ Games
Credit: Steve Jackson Games

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