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This site is a proud member
of the OGRE WebRing!

The Official OGRE Site at Steve Jackson Games ! 
Francisco has a great OGRE site with a whole new alternate OGREverse history and some great counters. It was this site that inspired me to get off my butt and do something…
Flunky has a great website here with some great stuff on OGRE Macrotures…Come see what the man who created the original beasts in "bloody ridiculously huge" scale has got to say about them and see how the prototypes were made.

Henry Cobb runs the excellent OGRE-verse Mailing List. His site contains all the archived files plus some additional goodies like his Armour Cost Algorithm

Ratty's homepage is here.  See some great pic of miniatures, games in progress and some top terrain building tips.

Garret Briggs has done some excellent 3D computer models of OGRE universe vehicles at his Hovercar webpage. See them here.                           * * * O F F   L I N E * * *

Christopher Condon has put together an amazing array of Ogres from the Mark I to the Dopplesoldner. You MUST see these !
* * * O F F   L I N E * * *

Winchell Chung did the original OGRE drawings and you can view them here. He also has some excellent Hit sheets for Mk V and VI which you can download.

Looking for some original issue OGRE minis or DCP Castings ? Brian Bradford has established an OGRE Minis trading page here.

Brian Bell has an OGRE site here with conversions for using OGREs in Dirtside II (a great Sci Fi 1/300 scale game by GZ Games).
Datapulse is an excellent website with heaps of original stuff ! Background, fiction and general OGREverse things.

OGREs in the year 2200…the new enemy is not of this world….

Steven Beal's OGRE website, including OGRE record sheets and OGRE design system.

Ogre on the Moon, and lunar combat rules, by Walter O'Hara.
Visit Paul Grogan's Wargaming site which includes pics of his OGREs !

Alvin Helms analyses the Vexillography of the World of OGRE!

OGRE Record Sheets and pics of OGRE Miniatures here.

David Morse's OGRE webpage, Command Post Gamma, can be found here.  All sorts of goodies and downloads.

See Schoon's great German and Israeli stuff - including the Golem schematic here.

Ed Markle has a website here with images of his OGREs.

KJ has some great OGRE Support page here.  Check out his unit histories, extra counters and new maps!

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For a data upload of all things Bolo, checkout:

Check out Larry Leadhead for a good laugh; its got nothing to do with OGRE, and everything to do with Wargaming and Wargamers !

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