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ADZ Terrain Rules

In keeping with the spirit of OGRE and GEV, we have come up with some generically different but no very complex terrain modifications to simulate the extreme weather conditions in the ADZ. Any comments or playtest feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Broken Ground - some obstacles but no real difficulties to movement. DEF x 2, Double movement costs, nil effect to LOS

Water - as per GEV, but colder!

Ice - Basically a plain of Ice, flat & smooth. Treat as road for movement. INF get +1 to DEF due to ease of diggin in. Otherwise itís a big, open killing ground that is the home of the GEV

Thin Ice - it ice covered water rather than the ice plains aboveÖit may crack & break beneath you. Adjacent to water, it is treated similar to swamp. ANY unit except OGRE is destroyed on 1 or 2. OGRE and SHVY fall through on 1-3, take d6 damage and are then treated as underwater.

ICE Cliffs - Huge imposing slabs of Ice that block LOS through the hexside except for adjacent hexes. Impassable to all vehicles except Gorse which may try to bash their way through. They automatically take d6 tread damage form the attempt and on a 1 or 2 are unsuccessful and remain in the starting hex.

Infantry Effects - Clear & Ice - may dig in quickly using thermal charges to get a +1 DEF

ADZ Maps

Warner has done some great work in compiling this map for the ADZ. We hope to get a few more out in the not too distant future, including some rugged areas, a mountainous area and the sweeping ice plains that typify the ADZ.


Once again- Great work Warner!