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Pre -Descartes revolution - NO self aware OGREs.

OGREs- Combine
OGREs Mks I, II, III & IIIB standard front line models.
Mk III in full production at Sheffield (MK IIIB in service from 2073)
Mk IV production delayed due to problems with drivetrain and missile rack system - in service 2086
Mk V in production from 2076 in Houston facility - maybe one or two available for field testing, not present in numbers yet.
Mk VI - in service 2088

Mks I "Pikeman" & II only
"Legionnaire" not in service until 2079
Fencer not in front line service until 2084
Mk V "Huscarl" not in production until 2081
Dopp first appearance in 2089

Other vehicles
SHVY not yet in production for either side (PanE first in 2078)

Minimal satellite recon/comms- (OGRE GURPS p,13)
"In mid-2075, PanE began destroying spysats with massive ground based lasers"
"By 2076, few satellites with camera remained aloft"