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Pan European ORBAT- OP SEALION 2076

 1st PanEuropean Assault Army
1st PanE Combined Arms Corps
2nd PanE Combined Arms Corps
3rd PanE Shock Corps
1st Military Intelligence and EW Bde
321st Strategic Missile Group
1st Supply and Logistics Grouping

The standing 1st Pan European Army was re-designated as the 1st Pan European Army Assault Army early in 2076 in preparation for OPERATION SEALION.  Its composition was based around the remaining mobile offensive forces combat capable following the unsuccessful 2074 offensive.  Additional transport and logistic elements were also assigned in support of its objective: The United Kingdom. The Army had barely been reorganised when it faced the NAC offensive across the Normandy coast.  While the NAC forces were thrown back across the channel with heavy losses, the Combine attacks had managed to wreak havoc amongst the 1st Army marshaling areas,  and logistics depots.  Reinforcements were subsequently transferred from the PanE 3rd Army (forming the 3rd Shock Corps) to make good these losses and bring the 1st Assault Army back to strength for SEALION.

Note that the 4th (Garrison) Corps (not shown) was also established as a temporary measure prior to assume 1st Army's normal responsibilities throughout Western Europe while SEALION was underway.  This 4th Corps was predominantly comprised of communications assets, headquarters nodes and static defensive installations in addition to 1st Army assets not participating in SEALION.  The temporary status of 4th Corps was revoked in the aftermath of SEALION and the Corps was established on a permanent basis as the 4th Combined Arms Corps in order to compensate for the severe PanE losses.

Also conspicuously absent were the OGREs assigned to SEALION.  Rather than integrating them into higher echelons of command as was later seen in the final war, they were kept as a separate grouping attached directly to the Army Commander.  While this limited flexibility, it provided a hard hitting reserve that proved itself capable of smashing through nearly anything in its way.

 1st PanE Combined Arms Corps
     1st Corps HQ
1st (French) Light Chassuers Division (Lt General Bertrand) exploit
4th (German) Light Infantry Division (Maj General von Paulus) reserve
6th (French) Armoured Div (Maj General Camus) assault
Luftlande Sturm (Assault) Regiment (Colonel Meindl)
39th (Polish) Lancers (Lt Colonel Gepski)

1st Light Chassuers Div (Lt General Bertrand)
Div HQ
5th Chasseur Demi-Brigade (Colonel Humeau)
134th Fast Attack Craft Bn
     1 Recon Pl
     3 Attack Coys
     1 Assault Coy
13th Bn, Chasseurs de Alpine
      Bn HQ
3 Infantry Coys:
Heavy Weapons Coy
53rd Bn, Chasseurs de Alpine
     as 13th Battalion
67th Bn, Chasseurs de Alpine
     as 13th Battalion
5th AT Coy, 13th Chasseurs de Alpine
47th Arty Bn
3 Arty Bty
27th Chasseur Demi-Brigade (Colonel Permal)
342nd Fast Attack Craft Bn
     as 134th Fast Attack Craft Bn
6th Bn, Chasseurs de Alpine
     as 13th Battalion
12th Bn, Chasseurs de Alpine
                  as 13th Battalion
14th Bn, Chasseurs de Alpine
      as 13th Battalion
6th AT Coy, 13th Chasseurs de Alpine
2nd Indep Arty Bn
3 Arty Bty
2nd Voltigeurs Bn (Recon) (Lt Colonel Galtier)

4th (German) Light Infantry Division (Maj General von Paulus)
1st Luft-Jaeger Brigade (Colonel Count von der Schulenburg)
1st Bn, Barvarian Jaeger Regiment
2nd Bn, Austrian Light Infantry Regiment
6th Bn, Prussian Leicht Infanterie Regiment
2nd Luft-Jaeger Brigade (Colonel Kroh)
2nd Bn, Prussian Jaeger Regiment
3rd Bn, Bavarian Jaeger Regiment
3rd Bn, Wurtemburg Gebirgs Regiment
502nd Indep Fast Attack Panzer Abteilung (Lt Colonel Wittman)
     1 Recon Coy
     4 Fast Attack Luft-Panzer Coy
4th Artillery Regiment (Colonel Heilmann)
Abteilung, 187th Field Artillery
Abteilung, 203th Field Artillery
Abteilung, 204th Field Artillery
            4th Pioneer Abteilung (Lt Colonel Jais)
402nd Pioneer Field Kompanie
405th Pioneer Field Kompanie
406th Pioneer Field Kompanie
401st Heavy Weapons Detachment (Major Ehal)

6th (French) Light Armoured Division (Maj General Camus)
          Div HQ
          6th Fast Attack Cavalry Regiment (Colonel Fave)
          6e Regiment Aero-Cuirasse (Colonel Cleasaeu)
               1 Hover Recon Coy
               5 Hover Tank Bns
          21st Chasseur Demi-Brigade (Colonel Merde)
                as per 27th Chasseur DB
          73rd Voltigeur Battalione

 2nd PanE Combined Arms Corps

The 2nd PanE Corps was comprised of strong elements fully reconstituted prior to SEALION.  The 10th (Polish) Mech Brigade was reallocated to the 7th Luft-Panzer Division.  Although this initially caused some liaison difficulties, the Polish unit was fully integrated into the Division prior to S-Day and acquitted itself well in the subsequent operation.

Also of particular note was the inclusion of the 1st Battalion of the Magna Veritas Regiment.  This was the first operational deployment of a Vatican unit in an offensive operation (encouraged by the Vatican gaining a seat on the PanE parliament in 2075).  Even in OP SEALION, where the fighting was fierce, this unit was noted for its extreme fanaticism and stubbornness to press an attack.  The remnants of the battalion were extracted from the beachhead having sustained 95% materiel losses and over 70% of manpower casualties.

2nd Corps HQ
7th (German) Luft-Panzer Division (Maj General Reinhart)
12th (French) Armoured Division (Lt General De Geyer)
183rd (Polish) Hover Rifle Regt (Brig General Sadowski)
7th (Polish) Air Cavalry Battalion (Lt Colonel Pietrzyk)
1st (Heavy) Battalion, Magna Veritas Regiment
1st Polish Sea Assault Battalion (Commander Polanski)
12th Brandenburg Battalion (Special Forces)

7th (German) Luft-Panzer Division (Maj General Reinhart)
7th Luft-Panzer Shock Bde (Colonel Benthag)
Luft-Panzer Abteilung
3 Luft-Panzer Kompanies
1 Luft-PanzerGrenadier Kompany
2 Luft-PanzerGrenadier Abteilungs
3 Luft-PanzerGrenadier Kompany
1 Luft-Panzer Kompanies
Pz Recon Coy
     4 Light Recon Pls
5th (Heavy) Recon Pl
AntiTank Coy
Panzer Arty Abteilung
     3 Bty
Engineer Coy
12th Luft-Panzer Shock Bde (Colonel Count Scherber)
     As per 7th Luft-Panzer Shock Bde
10th (Polish) Mechanised Bde (Colonel Andzej)
     1 Fast Recon Coy
     3 Hover Infantry Battalions
503rd Indep Fast Attack Panzer Abteilung (Lt Col Lohr)
     1 Recon Coy
     4 Fast Attack Luft-Panzer Coys

12th (French) Armoured Division (Lt General De Geyer)
5e Groupe Mobile (Colonel Pontonnier)
5e Voltigeur Bn (Lt Col Elies)
     2 Lt Recon Coys
     1 Mdm Recon Coy
     1 Recon Assault Coy
2/5e Regiment Chasseur Blindes (Lt Col Monterat)
     Heavy Arm Bn
5e Regiment Aero-Cuirasse (Colonel Delplanque)
     1 Recon Coy
2 Hovertank Bns
2e Regiment Cavalrie Etrangere (Colonel de Roquefuil)
     3 Light Hover Bns
5e Indep Shock Bn (Hvy Arm) (Lt Colonel Bremond d 'Ars)
5e Regiment d'Arty (Colonel Bocquier)
I Bn, 8e Regiment de la Marine (Lt Colonel Guenin)
Compagnies A, B & C de Aero Transport (Hover Tpt Coys)
6e Groupe Mobile (Colonel Demeny)
2e Voltigeurs Bn (Recon) (Lt Colonel Cochennec)
      2 Lt Recon Coys
1 Mdm Recon Coy
1 Recon Assault Coy
1/5e Regiment Chasseurs Blindes (Hvy Arm Bn)
7e Regiment Aero-Cuirasse (2 Hovertank Bns) (Colonel Gambier)
8e Chasseur Groupe (Mech Inf Bn) (Lt Colonel Piochaud)
15e Chasseur Groupe (Mech Inf Bn) (Lt Colonel Scherer)
1e Regiment d'Artillery (Colonel Fabre)
22e Autonome SP Batterie (Major Mercier)

 3rd PanE Shock Corps (General Kornukov)

The 3rd Shock Corps was formed from units of the PanE 3rd Army in Eastern Europe to strengthen 1st Army for SEALION.  This was necessary due to the high losses sustained in both the failed UK Invasion of 2074 and repulsing the Combine OVERLORD II offensive earlier in 2074.  These reinforcements remained in a single corps unit rather than being distributed to existing Corps because of the language and procedural differences that existed between Pan European Armies.  3rd Corps units were well equipped and of high quality, but had minimal time operating as a cohesive unit after its formation until being committed to SEALION.

3rd Corps was assigned the most difficult objectives for 'S-Day'; Dover Beachead.  The primary assault echelon, comprised of the 2nd Naval Infantry Assault Group and the 18th Tank Division, suffered severe and crippling losses (70% overall) that rendered them combat ineffective for the remainder of SEALION.  This was predominantly due to stiff resistance and faulty intelligence not detecting two reinforced enemy Brigades that moved up prior to the assault when strategic surprise was compromised.

The reserve echelon based around the 7th Tank Division was committed rapidly and attacked with resolve.  However, NAC naval operations in the North Sea that neutered the PanE blocking forces operating there rendered the flank vulnerable and severe damage was inflicted during the channel crossing.  Given this situation, PanE 1st Army reassigned all remaining 3rd Corps assets to 2nd Corps in an attempt to breakout of the besieged beachhead in the Brighton area.  While this did not eventuate due to the strong NAC blocking force, the commitment of the 7th Guards ensured that the `Brighton Pocket' (as it was referred to by PanE troops), strongly resisted the NAC attempts to throw them back into the channel and later withdrew in good order to Normandy.

3rd Corps HQ
4 Guards Tank Div (Maj General Dimitrov)
7th (Russian) Tank Div (Maj General Kovichov)
18th (Russian)Tank Div (Maj Gen Proshkin)
112th (Siberian) Hover Rifle Bde (Colonel Rapota)
3 Hover Infantry Bns
1 Hover Tank Coy
2 Recon Coys
1 Artillery Bn
3rd Corps Artillery Grouping (Brig General Bulakevich)
1st Seige Assault Unit (Colonel Pashrovsky)\
2nd Naval Inf Assault Group (Commander Kuroyedov)
     1 Recon Coy
     2 Naval Tank Coys
     4-5 Naval Inf Bns
     1 Naval Inf AT Coy
5th Spetznaz Group (Special Forces)

4th Guards Tank Div (Maj General Dimitrov)
Div HQ
13th Tank Bde (Colonel Yakutin)
34th Tank Bde (Colonel Yusupov)
97th Tank Bde (Colonel Dolgolaptev)
27th Hover Rifle Bde (Colonel Babushkin)
3 Hover Inf Bns
1 Heavy Tank Coy
36th Guards Independent Tank Regt (5 Coys HT)

7 Tank Div (Maj General Kovichov)\
3rd Guards Hover Tank Bde (Colonel Antipov)
          1 Hover Rifle Bn
          3 Hover Tank Bns
3 Hover Tank Coy
1 MR Coy, 3 MR pls and 1AT pl
1 Arty Bty, with 2 firing platoons and 1 command platoon
1 Support Coy:Recon, Comms, Tech Support, Tpt, & Medical pls.
62nd Hover Tank Bde (Colonel Slyunina)
as 3rd Guards Tank Bde
121st Hover Tank Bde (Colonel Mickhailov)
as 3rd Guards Tank Bde
84th Hover Rifle Bde (Colonel Degtyarev)
3 Hover Inf Bns
1 HT Coy
7th Arty Bde (Colonel Platonova)
     3 Arty Bns of 3 Btys each
736 Indep Anti Tank Bn (Lt Colonel Sirvatko)
5 HT Coys
909th Indep Hvy Tank Bn (Lt Colonel Yegrova)
5 HT Coys
7th Recon Bn (Lt Colonel Belyayev)
HQ Coy
2 Recon Companies
2 Recon Assault Companies

18th Tank Div
110th Hover Tank Bde (Colonel Alexandrov)
     as 3rd Guards Tank Bde
170th Tank Bde (Colonel Yefremov)
181th Tank Bde (Colonel Saltykov)
     as 170th Tank Bde
32nd Hover Rifle Bde (Colonel Proshkin)
     as 84th Hover Rifle Bde
26th Indep Hvy Tank Regt (5 Coys HT) (Lt Col Ivashov)
292 Mobile Fire Support Regt (Colonel Padorin)
1000th Anti Tank Bn (Lt Colonel Chemezov)
115 Assault Eng Bn (Lt Colonel Pogosyan)