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Name / Designation: MkIV-023
Allegiance: NA Combine
Unit / Formation: Unknown
Notes: Standard European Theatre Reserve Forces paint scheme.
One of the so called "early" Mark IV's which suffered from numerous drive train problems before the Mark IV's were extensively redesigned. Only approximately 30 of these were produced. The 1st 15 had problems sufficient to prevent their deployment and were either dismantled or kept as training/defence units. The remainder were dispatched to the various theaters for combat testing of how to employ Mark IV's. Unit 023 served in Europe and Siberia with good results, despite unusually high maintenance requirements.
Credit: Grant Ladue (ladue@cse.Buffalo.EDU)

Name / Designation: Unit BNDT 'Bandit'
Allegiance: NA COMBINE
Unit / Formation: 3rd (Hvy) Division
Notes: manufactured Seattle
Credit:: Alan Brain

Name / Designation: Khan
Allegiance: UNKNOWN
Unit / Formation: UNKNOWN
Credit:: John Crimmons

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