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My collection of finished OGREs currently consists one Mk V, three Mk IIIs and a Fencer. At the Melbourne OGRE Production facility are several other units in various stages of production....

These are some of the very first pics I played about with using Adobe Photoshop to give them some effects. They are pretty basic….but I still like them !

Mk III OGRE rumbles across a desert of the Australian Outback at dusk

Download from a destroyed enemy GEV's sensor records…last entry

Light Intensifier scope image of Mk III OGRE attacking at night

Mk V OGRE utilises local terrain to remain hull down while engaging the enemy with both Main Batteries

Here are some other photos of my OGREs…Click for Full size images.

Cam Mk III

Note the Cam Netting on the sides and rear

Standard Mk III

with 1 Missile Expended (Drilled Out)
Damaged Mk III

Pits, Holes & Craters thanks to a rogue dental drill and Milliput

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