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22 Aug 2002
Minor housekeeping, new titles etc ....

20 July 2002
A new piece of Fiction
2 new OGREs in the Recogniton Manual 96 OGREs now online!!

8 Apr 2002
New additions to the OGRE Recognition Manual, including a rare Mk IV, thanks to Grant and KJ.  Thanks Guys! - 94 OGREs now online!!
2 new pieces of Fiction

22 Jan 2002
PanPac Alliance's 2nd Anniversary!  Over 8000 hits to date, thankyou very much for your submissions and support!

20 Jan 2002
FENCER C and D conversions closeups and wargaming statistics from Alan Brain

13 Jan 2002
OGRE Recognition Manual: New MkIIIB unit "CUTTY SHARK", and FENCER C and D conversions from Alan Brain- thanks Alan! 76 OGREs now online!

06 Jan 2002
Tabletop OGRE - Alain Brain's How to, and pics of his mammoth OGRE table built for CANCON 02, the largest wargaming convention in Australia.  See the Wargaming section.

05 Jan 2002
Updated the OGRE Recognition Manual - New Mk III, MkV and Fencers thanks to Ed Markle - 72 OGREs now Online!

26 December 2001
Finally reorganised the Wargaming Section
General updates and housecleaning

23 December 2001
Updated the OGRE Recognition Manual - 64 OGREs now online!

22 December 2001
Added new Misc Section to the OGRE Recognition Manual
"Action in the Brighton Pocket"; New fiction for OP SEALION

15 November 2001
Added new SEALION Maps & Operational Summaries
New Paneuropean African Korps (PAK) Section

20 October 2001
Minor bits & bobs, tiddlies & tweaks

14 October 2001
SEALION Update - PanE ORBAT, PanE Training Circular
Updates to OGRE Recognition File - Mks 3 and 5.  Thanks Guys !
Couple of new animations now I've worked out how to do them!

16 September 2001
Facelift completed! New format online at Tripod.  Now off to sea for a month...

26 August 2001
Started the move to Tripod from Homestead
Added the OGRE Webring

5 August 2001
Added a few 'visual justifications' of a few favourite OGRE Miniatures rules
Added two new pics to "Combat Journalist" 

3 August 2001
"Combat Journalist" started: all new combat and action phots from the scrapbook of Combat photographer Steve Stratton, correspondant for Time Magazine (PanE edition)
Updated the Links Section

23 June 2001
Recognition Manual: Updates to Mks III, V & Fencers thanks to John Douma and Brian Bell
ADZ: New Fiction by Francisco "Part One" - The Prelude to War
ADZ: Vehicle & Equipment Guide expanded and updated

9 May 2001
Recognition Manual: New Mks III, IV, V & Fencers thanks to Alan Brain.  Thanks Alan !

29 April, 2001
Recognition Manual: Mk IV page up, Mk III & V pages updated

25 April 2001 (ANZAC Day)
Recognition Manual: Fencer  Page now Online!22 April, 2001
Recognition Manual: Mk V Page now Online!
Updated Links section and gave it a facelift

18 April, 2001
Recognition Manual: Mk III Page now Online!

12 April, 2001
Started the 'OGRE Recognition Manual' - something I've been pondering for awhile - a chance for all to have their leviathans on the Net ! I'm hoping it will be a great place to have a look when contemplating the paint scheme to use for that new Mk V you just HAD to have J I NEED your assistance and inputs though, pics of my own OGREs are already here.Project SEALION has been somewhat stifled by the move to the UK, but then again, now that I am here I can take my own photos for backdrops. It was always going to be a long term project anyway….

12 March, 2001
As I'm the middle of relocating my family and household to the UK from Australia, I'm sure you will forgive the lack of updates (for now) !

22 January, 2001
Pan Pacific Alliance Webpage 1st Birthday ! - Thankyou for your continued support.
Combat Photography from Operation SEALION posted - Steve Stratton's latest creations !

13 December 2000
New Combat Photos from Steve Stratton

12 December 2000
SEALION: 2076 project started - link from Homepage.

11 December 2000
New main picture on Homepage - a PanPac OGRE prowls about Sydney Harbour on patrol

09 December 2000
PanPac variant OGRE models uploaded.

08 December 2000
Added Warner's "Perfect Nightmares" article - new OGRE variants to give you a tactical headache.

07 December 2000
Revised the ADZ History section. New ADZ Campaign and situation maps uploaded.

06 December 2000
ADZ Homepage given a facelift.

22 November 2000
Vehicle and Infantry Equipment of the ADZ Briefing uploaded. Currently only the PanPac equipment has been done and Francisco is still working on the Argentinean stuff - located in the ADZ Section.

20 November 2000
Andrew Green's Ground Zero OGRE webpage is sadly now defunct, but his new units from his design page are now hosted on this site in the OGRE Resources section.

19 November 2000
I've just returned from four months (working) overseas. I've got a bunch of stuff to go up shortly, including some new fiction, pics and some articles on the ADZ.
I'm also working on the "OGRE Recognition Guide: Friend or Foe"- which will be a gallery of OGRE pics and miniatures. Anyone with pics or suggestions are most welcome to contribute!
Many thanks for your continued support!

20 June 2000
Added Article: "Cybernetic Heavy Armour Units: Pan Pacific Doctrine & Perspectives

18 June 2000
New Maps by Warner- OGRE Resources Section
Using OGREs in Dirtside 2 - OGRE Resources Section
ADZ Terrain Rules and New ADZ Map - Antarctic Campaign Section
ADZ Fiction "War Under the Ice" by Francisco - Antarctic Campaign Section
New Macrotures Pics…from the Man who created them! - OGRE Gallery Section

22 January 2000
Pan Pacific Alliance webpage online !