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Opening Moves
Loss of Strategic Surprise overall

a.     Eastern Sector (Dover Area of Operations)
Complete loss of Tactical surprise in Dover area through HUMINT an UK surge of tactical surveillance assets. 2 additional UK Brigades moved up to reinforce defensive installations.
Successful diversionary raid by 7th Guards Tank Division into Colchester area.  Amphib withdrawal conducted prior to PanE loss of sea control
Elements of 4th Tank Division have minor success in diversionary assault.  Some drawing off of defensive forces to contain.  Withdrawn in good order.
Main assault by 2nd Naval Infantry Assault Group and the 18th Tank Division, suffered severe and crippling losses (70% overall).  Non-detection of the two reinforced enemy Brigades that moved up prior to the assault when strategic surprise was compromised.  Heavily fortified installations with emplaced OGRE Main Batteries and Artillery units pour down crippling fire into assault formatyions prior to disembarking.
Supporting strikes by PanE Naval forces, predominantly `Swift Sword' class strike submarines are ineffectual.
3rd Strike Corps' reserve echelon, based around the 7th Tank Division, is committed rapidly and attacks with resolve.  Reconstitution from the diversionary raid took time however, and there were delays between the initial and follow on assaults which allowed Allied defensive forces to reorganise.

b.     Central Sector (Sussex Area of Operations)

1st Polish Sea Assault Battalion supports both main landings
7th German Luft-Panzer Division assault into Brighton Area
14th French Armoured Division assault into Bexhill-Hastings Area
Both assaults established early but non secure beacheads.  Unable initially to link up, further efforts were made to push inland.  NAC Forces between the two assaults suffered severe casualties and were eventually withdrawn
PanE Divisions effect link up and beacheads predominantly secured.  Inward assaults bogged down, particularly in the urban sprawl of Brighton.  Heavy casualties sustained by both sides.
Polish 183rd Mech Bde committed.

c.     Western Sector (Dorset Area of Operations)

Minor Ops by 4th (German) Light Infantry Division to take and hold channel islands conducted simultaneously with main assault on UK mainland
1st (French) Light Chassuers Division assault Bournemouth using Poole Bay beaches for landings
6th (French) Armoured Div storm Portland area and reach inland to Dorchester within 1 hour of landing due to light and scattered resistance.
Luftlande Sturm (Assault) Regiment silence the UK Start Point missile batteries after they inflict moderate damage on the PanE invasion force.  The Regiment also raids the Isle of Wight defences, destroying all sensor arrays and securing 1st Corps right Flank
1st and 6th Divisions link successfully after scattered resistance by a UK Reserve Brigade.  Secure beachead established with front line established at Bridport-Dorchester-Bovington-Bournemouth.