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Secondary Phase

a.     Eastern Sector (Dover Area of Operations)

3rd Shock Army's reserve echelon based around the 7th Tank Division is committed and attacks with resolve.  
However, NAC naval operations by combined Cybersubmarine force and `Independence' class fast attack hydrofoils smash the PanE naval Task Group.  The North Sea blocking force is rendered ineffective and flank security is negligible.
Further NAC naval strikes, again by `Independence' class fast attack hydrofoils, maul PanE troop ferries and inflict severe damage during the channel crossing.
Allied naval forces conduct strikes on PanE staging areas in Calais and severely damage heavy loading capability of dock facilities.

b.     Central Sector (Brighton Pocket)

PanE commits 2nd CA Corps reserve echelon (1st (Heavy) Battalion, Magna Veritas Regiment and 7th (Polish) Air Cavalry Battalion) but unable to significantly expand initial holdings.  Attacks bogs down in urban areas with very heavy resistance encountered.
PanE holdings become colloquially known as the `Brighton pocket' with neither side holding an advantage.
7th Luft Panzer Div reorganised into ad-hoc Kampfgruppes due to heavy casualties. 14th French Armoured Division combined into a composite Demi-Brigade.
Commitment of 6 OGRE units to the pocket fail to make significant progress and are destroyed by mass infantry attacks in built up areas.  UK Infantry units suffer extreme casualties in the process, but stop the advance.  All PanE OGRE units destroyed or rendered combat ineffective
Allies commit secondary formations piecemeal fashion along all the PanE perimeter in desperate attempt to stop further advances and successfully contain them.

c.     Western Sector (Poole Beachead)

Beachead consolidated and 4th (German) Light Infantry Division and 1st Corps heavy elements ferried across.
Allied defensive line established around Southampton.  PanE main effort inland pushes toward Salisbury to outflank Southampton defences to attempt to outflank Brighton Pocket defenders.  Moderate efforts to push NW tie down mobile Allied forces and prevent effective counterattack on the beachead.
Allies commit several OGRE units to making a flank attack along the channel seabed.  Lighter, but more numerous, PanE OGREs similarly positioned defend the flank successfully and the Allied Mk3 units withdraw after sustaining modest damage.