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Final Phase

a.     Eastern Sector (Dover Area of Operations)

Given the failure of offensive operations on the Eastern Sector, all remaining 3rd Corps combat units are reassigned to 2nd Corps to assist in the breakout from the Brighton pocket.
112th Siberian Motor Rifle Brigade used to defend the vulnerable coast to safeguard against counter attack and or raids

b.     Central Sector (`Brighton Pocket')

Commitment of 7th Guards Tank Regt (from 3rd Shock Corps) prevents the offensive by the newly relocated UK 15th (Heavy) Brigade and NAC 3rd Armoured Division from being effective.
Counteroffensive by Kampfgruppe Lohr and I/Magna Veritas Battalion gains limited ground north of Brighton but stalls due to unsustainable casualty rate and failure to restock expendable munitions.

c.     Western Sector (Salisbury Plains)

4th and 6th PanE Divisions make a major push toward Salisbury is met by Allied reserve forces (49th Highland Division and 13th Mechanised Brigade).  In an attempt to flank the Highlanders, the 1st Chassuers make a lightning move North (with a resultant lack of flank security) and approach from the West.
Having kept the 1st Cyber Group in reserve and unlocated near Bath, the Allies captialise on the lack of flank security and smash into 1st Chassuers.  It is the first operational use of massed OGREs and the first time in which the prototype MkV is seen on the Battlefield (in fact had been used in the Western channel approaches unknown to the PanE high Command)
In the resultant Battle of Salisbury Plains, the Combined might of 3 PanE Divisions clash with 2 Allied Divisions and the 1st Cyber Group.  The decimation of the 1st Chassuers throws the PanE attack off balance and the initiative is never regained.  Rather than risk defeat in detail, the 4th and 6th Divisions withdraw shaken but in good order.  The 1st Chassuers is destroyed in toto.
The battle sanitises Salisbury plain of all recognisable terrain features and renders the area uninhabitable for over 50km in all directions.