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21st LuftPanzer Division (Leutnant General de Panzer H. Geyer)
5th Panzer Brigade
51st and 52nd LuftPanzer Abteilungs, each:
1 Liechte (Light) LuftPanzer Kompanie
     9 LGEV
2 LuftPanzer Kompanies
     3 lances each with 3 GEV Galahad
2 lances each with 3 LGEV Cossack
53rd Mixed LuftPanzer Abteilung
2 LuftPanzer Kompanies
1 LuftPanzer Grenadier Coy
     4 GEV-PC + 12 INF
4 LGEV (escort group)
     54th LuftPanzer Grenadier Abteilung
          3 LuftPanzer Grenadier Coys
     5th PanzerJaeger Kompanie
          6 MSL
          4 LT
     5th Aufklarungs (Recon) Kompanie
          9 LGEV
          3 GEV
     5th LuftPanzer Pionere Kompanie
     5th (Medium) SP Arty Bn-3 MHWZ
21st LuftPanzer Grenadier Brigade
     2 LuftPanzGren Bns (211th, 212nd), 1 LuftPz Bn (213rd)  and 1 Mixed Bn (214th)
104th Shutzen Regiment
3 Bns - each 4 Mot Inf Coy + 1 HW Inf Coy
41st Panzer Battalion
     4 Panzer Kompanies (411th, 412th, 413th, 414th), each
2 troops each with 3 HVY Jaeger
2 troops each with 3 LT Hammer
     2 Recon Plts, each
          4 LGEV
5th Aufklarungs Abteilung (Recon Bn)
21st Arty Regt-3 Bns
39th Sturm Artillerie Abteilung
     3 Batteries, each of 6 MSL
21st Independent Schwere (Heavy) Panzer Kompanie
     1 Troop of 4 HVY
     2 Troops of 3 SHVY
21st Engineer Bn
121st Transport Kompanie - 16 Hovertrucks

Divisional History: Formed by the expansion of the existing 5th LuftPanzer Brigade to full divisional strength.  From the outset, the 21st LuftPanzer was organised and equipped for rapid strike operations, a role highly suited to the desert conditions of the SCZ. Its organisation was typical for a PanE rapid strike unit, and the division was essentially comprised of German/Austrian natives in order to reduce language and cultural partitions within the unit.  The unit saw heavy fighting throughout the campaign and though unit quality varied between subunits and depending on the resupply status of the division, the 21st acquitted itself well and was seen as the core PAK division.

LuftPanzer Coy: 6 LGEV, 9GEV
Leicht LuftPz Coy: 9LGEV
LuftPzGren Coy:4 LGEV, 4GEV-PC, 12INF
Recon Coy: 9LGEV, 3 GEV
Pz Coy 6 LT, 6 HVY
              Heavy Pz Coy: 6 SHVY, 4 HVY