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17th (French) DBLE, Regiment de le Legion Etrangere
II/5e Regiment Aero-Cuirasse Etrangere
1 Recon Coy, 1 Hovertank Bn
III/2e Regiment Aero-Cavalrie Etrangere
3 Light Hover Coys
6th Mechanized Battalion (Morocco)
     4 Mech Inf Coys (each 9 INF, 3 HW INF, 4 APC)
     1 Fire Support Coy
17e Etrangere Voltigeur Coy
2 Lt Recon Pl (4 LGEV each)
1 Mdm Recon Pl (4 GEV)
1 Recon Assault Pl (3 GEV-PC, 9 INF)

Unit History: the 17th DBLE was part of the French Foreign Legion contingent stationed in Morocco after its annexation during the PanE expansion into NW Africa.  Very much a scratch unit, it was comprised of several standing formations grouped hurriedly into a composite whole. The addition of the Moroccan infantry battalion was by order of the regional governor who wanted to prove the integration and political commitment of the new PanE territory.  It was also seen be an expedient method of ensuring that the Moroccan people saw their share of the spoils of the North African Campaign.